Cappy Sabir PE, RA

Cappy has over 20 years of experience in the design and management of commercial, educational, healthcare, laboratory and high-rise residential projects. Throughout his career he has earned the reputation of an innovative thinker and designer of building modernizations, high tech trading facilities, central chilling/heating plants and data centers. Cappy prides himself on working cohesively and effectively with not only the client, but also with all the members of the design and construction teams to develop cost effective solutions regardless of the intrinsic challenges presented by each project.
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Yvette Richardson PE, LEED AP

Yvette has over 20 years of diverse experience in electrical engineering design, project & facilities management, and construction financing.  Her involvement is in public and private sector including healthcare, education, commercial and residential industries. In the tradition of her alma mater, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Yvette embraces challenges and believes that through knowledge and thoroughness, engineering and science can be applied to the most common purposes of life to deliver quality solutions to the client.
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Orah Weisberg PE, LEED AP

Orah Weisberg built her career and her reputation in the industry by consistently finding innovative solutions to problems before they delay the project and impact the budget. She has over 20 years of experience in project management and design for a broad range of clients, including (but certainly not limited to) high profile commercial interior spaces, high end conference centers, trading floors, data centers, tier 4 critical facilities, NYC private schools, health centers, law offices, retailers, financial institutions, and public libraries. Orah’s expertise encompasses both new construction as well as renovations to existing spaces.
Orah holds a B.S. in  Mechanical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University, and is proud to be a longtime LEED accredited professional. She is deeply committed to energy efficient and sustainable design. As a seasoned traveler - with the Amazon Rainforest, Galapagos Islands and Antarctica among her travel destinations - Orah knows firsthand the importance of preserving our environment and our natural resources. 
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Richard H. Franklin RA

Richard has fostered change in the profession of Architecture. His work in under-served communities in St. Louis, New York and Baltimore has resulted in sensitive urban design and architecture. The delivery of well-designed public architecture during his tenure at the Port Authority has positively affected travelers to and from New York`s entry portals and improved the visibility of architects working in public agencies. He is continuously benevolent in his architectural contributions by hiring and mentoring, which has resulted in the increase of numbers of minority architects. Richard loves jazz music: it is his biggest passion besides architecture. He is also involved with several organizations such as NOMA and AIA outside the office.  
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