Cappy Sabir PE, RA

Cappy has over 20 years of experience in the design and management of commercial, educational, healthcare, laboratory and high-rise residential projects. Throughout his career he has earned the reputation of an innovative thinker and designer of building modernizations, high tech trading facilities, central chilling/heating plants and data centers. Cappy prides himself on working cohesively and effectively with not only the client, but also with all the members of the design and construction teams to develop cost effective solutions regardless of the intrinsic challenges presented by each project.
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Yvette Richardson PE, LEED AP

Yvette has over 20 years of diverse experience in electrical engineering design, project & facilities management, and construction financing.  Her involvement is in public and private sector including healthcare, education, commercial and residential industries. In the tradition of her alma mater, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Yvette embraces challenges and believes that through knowledge and thoroughness, engineering and science can be applied to the most common purposes of life to deliver quality solutions to the client.
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Orah Weisberg PE, LEED AP

Orah built her career and her reputation in the industry by consistently finding innovative solutions to problems before they delay the project and impact the budget. She has over 20 years of experience in project management and design for a broad range of clients, including (but certainly not limited to) high profile commercial interior spaces, high end conference centers, trading floors, data centers, tier 4 critical facilities, NYC private schools, health centers, law offices, retailers, financial institutions, and public libraries. Orah’s expertise encompasses both new construction as well as renovations to existing spaces.
Orah holds a B.S. in  Mechanical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University, and is proud to be a longtime LEED accredited professional. She is deeply committed to energy efficient and sustainable design. As a seasoned traveler - with the Amazon Rainforest, Galapagos Islands and Antarctica among her travel destinations - Orah knows firsthand the importance of preserving our environment and our natural resources. 
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Richard H. Franklin, RA

Richard has fostered change in the profession of Architecture. His work in under-served communities in St. Louis, New York and Baltimore has resulted in sensitive urban design and architecture. The delivery of well-designed public architecture during his tenure at the Port Authority has positively affected travelers to and from New York`s entry portals and improved the visibility of architects working in public agencies. He is continuously benevolent in his architectural contributions by hiring and mentoring, which has resulted in the increase of numbers of minority architects. Richard loves jazz music: it is his biggest passion besides architecture. He is also involved with several organizations such as NOMA and AIA outside the office.  
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Jeff Magella, Associate Principal, RA

Jeff is the head of SRW’s transportation division and has many years of experience in this sector. We assume Jeff has passions outside of the work place but he is not the type to share.

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Erasmus Ikpemgbe, Senior Associate, RA

Erasmus is a brilliant designer and problem solver. He is also our one and only in-house recipient of his Architecture licensure while under the employ of SRW. In addition, he volunteers his time and has held long term board positions at the National Organization of Minority Architects. 

Erasmus has a passion for music and is a talented musician and composer. He is a shining star in our midst.

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Yvonne Flagg, Senior Architectural Designer

Yvonne is a graduate of Temple University with a Bachelor of Architecture degree. She has acquired experience across a broad range of building sectors while working in the Architecture & Design field for over 14 years. She is involved in all levels of the design process and oversees the management of projects from concept to completion.

Yvonne has a deep passion for family time, mid-century modern architecture and staying abreast on the newest technologies

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Natasha Kornegay, Senior Architectural Designer

Natasha graduated from Drexel University in Philadelphia with a degree in Architecture and she has worked in the field for over 13 years. While she’s been a strong presence in SRW since 2007 she’s picked up several hobbies throughout her journey. From being a world traveler to singing for thousands with her hard rock band to taking beautiful images in the world of fashion photography. She’s creative on many levels.

Natasha also loves to read a good thriller book and her guilty pleasures are reality TV and a good glass of wine. She spends her days by adding creativity to the world and spends her nights dreaming of a better tomorrow


Percia Gomez, Architectural Designer

Percia is an Architectural Technology major at New York City College of Technology, and an SVA - Success Via Apprenticeship - Teacher Candidate. The SVA program is designed to prepare highly motivated graduates of CTE high schools to become CTE teachers over a five-year period. While being a teacher candidate in the SVA program, Percia can bring industry experiences into the classroom. Currently, Percia is an apprentice at SRW.

Percia enjoys reading a good romantic book, visiting museums, and planning birthday parties’ surprises. In addition, Percia enjoys traveling, being able to visit new cities, get exposure to different cultures, learning communities and environments are just a couple of important concepts that help her improve her skill set.


Kyle Martin, Architectural Project Manager

Kyle has over 19 years of experience in Architectural design, conceptual design, project management and construction documents. Kyle’s creativity, coupled with his strong work ethic and dynamic personality define his project management style. Kyle has the ability to conquer any design challenge.

Kyle also enjoys spending time with his family as well as a passion for cooking. Most would classify him as a chef but he would identify himself as a Vivid Culinarian. Besides cooking Kyle also enjoys a number of outdoor activities, especially when those activities involve a tropical island.


Rudolf Eadie, Senior Mechanical Engineer

Rudi is an old school designer with a flare for the dramatic. He has taken the young engineers under his wings to help foster the next generation of SRW problem solvers.

A steadfast lover of Jazz and a philosopher for those that truly know him. He loves bike riding and hitting the gym to keep toned.

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Eufracil Perez, Electrical Engineer

Eufracil has over seven years’ experience in Electrical design and Commercial and Residential Fire Alarm system design

He is a film buff, gym rat and music lover. He can play all sports but his main passion is baseball (Let’s Go Mets!!). On the weekend its all about friends, family and a cold glass of craft beer.

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Robin Pirtam, Mechanical Engineer

Robin, a recent graduate from SUNY Maritime College, entered the industry as an intern and is now working full time at SRW as a mechanical engineer. He’s constantly learning about the industry and absorbing everything. Combine that with his wide skill set and he can offer creative solutions to every client’s needs.

Robin enjoys learning new things and has become a jack of all trades over the years. From photography and video editing to fixing cars and computers, he likes to get his hands dirty. When he’s not working on personal projects, he tries to remain active with a couple games of basketball or football. At the end of the day, he unwinds with a good book or comic.


David Shoen, Mechanical Engineer

Hailing from central Jersey, David is a recent graduate of the University of Maryland where he studied Mechanical Engineering. He has spent the last three summers involved in the HVAC industry as well as sales. David is a diligent engineer who enjoys the creative and critical thinking aspects of the field.

In his free time, David enjoys playing basketball, snowboarding, and listening to music. One day, he hopes to live out west in the Rockies and enjoy the great outdoors.


Eugenio Rojas, Architectural Designer

Eugenio, graduated from NYC Tech. He loves architecture for its ability to combine different disciplines and ideas into a cohesive design. The love of which started from admiring his father, a great architect who drafted floor plans by hand in his home country. With 5+ years of experience he is comfortable in the entire spectrum of design from conceptual to construction documents and is always seeking to acquire knowledge from books, more experience staff, and everybody in general. He uses his creativity and 3d modeling design skills to convey design ideas in order to find solutions to a client’s needs.

Eugenio enjoys art, architecture, museums, churches and temples; anything that gives him insight into the history and soul of a building. In addition, he enjoys drawing, watching movies and spending time with his family.


Aaron Young, Architectural Associate

Aaron is a recent graduate of Thomas Jefferson University with his Bachelors of Architecture and Minor in Photography. Aaron is a passionate architectural designer who aspires to be a licensed architect in the near future. He joined the SRW team right after graduating and is becoming a great help to the architectural design team.

Aaron’s personal pleasures include photography (fashion, architecture, still, etc.) as a side hustle, and when he can he loves to travel. He also loves spending time with his dad working on and fixing cars. One day he looks to build his own darkroom and photo studio where he can work and allow his mind to explore.

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Liliya Kazak, Plumbing Engineer

Liliya has a bachelor’s degree in Heating and Water system from Polytechnic University, Belarus. She has 15 years’ experience in the drafting/design of electrical, plumbing and fire protection. She has designed for commercial, residential, public building and NYCSCA projects.

Lililya’s hobbies are knitting and traveling. She organizes holiday parties for friends and their children. She likes to visit new exhibitions and new places in NY.


Minnie Moore, Office Manager Emeritus

Minnie has over 30 years experience in Marketing as a Business Account Manager for a fortune 500 hundred company before joining SRW. She brings to the company many years of experience in the area of business administration. She managed accounts region-wide (seven states) and because of her excellence won several awards.

For fun she enjoys physical activities such as the gym, takes yoga classes once a week and sometimes will take a Zumba class. During summer months she enjoys the park with the grand babies. She looks forward to cooking on holidays and enjoys spending time with family and friends.


Yolanda Martin, Office Manager

Yolanda is one of the Office Manager’s at SRW’s New Jersey office. She also holds a license in real estate, as well as a License in Insurance with the state of New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance.

West Philadelphia born and raised on the playground was where she spent most of her days. Now this Philly girl spends her days and nights with family and friends, Yolanda loves live music and theater she also enjoys visiting local vineyards, she is a true oenophile. She has a passion for event planning and home décor.

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Liana JnoRose, Office Manager

Liana has been an intern at SRW for 7 years and she is currently the office manager for our New York office. She has a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from Fairleigh Dickinson University and a passion for beauty.

Makeup and skin care are her specialties. She also enjoys spending time with those closest to her and keeping up with the latest sneaker releases.


Daisy Magdaleno, Marketing Coordinator

Daisy is pursuing a Bachelor degree in Business & Technology of Fashion at New York City College of Technology. She always been fond of art and has interest in the business field. From sketches to paintings to DIY all sorts of clothing became her passion at a young age. Her inspiration came from her grandmother who enjoyed hand making clothes from dresses to tops. Daisy’s ambition at SRW is to be able incorporate her capabilities into the business.

During Daisy’s free time she loves to spend time with her friends and family. She enjoys thrift shopping and long walks at the park with her dog.


Brendan Clemenson, Intern

Jersey born and West Indian bred, Brendan is a young and ambitious intern at SRW Engineering and Architecture. An aspiring aerospace engineer at Rowan University, Brendan balances class with his responsibilities at SRW.

Other than the lab, office, and shop, Brendan can be found shooting hoops on the basketball court, mentoring youth in the classroom, or reciting spoken word on the stage. Brendan also loves travel and world history with familial ties all over the world from the Caribbean and Canada to England and Ethiopia.


Naim Sabir, Intern

Naim is a computer science major who interns at SRW. His passions are playing/reviewing video games and critiquing movies. His hope is to someday be able to design video games and/or review movies as a career.

Evan Barney, Intern

Evan is currently a student at North Carolina A&T studying Architecture Engineering with plans becoming a future architect. Outside of work and school he is a 2-time high school football champion, a Pittsburgh Steelers and Lebron James super fan, also likes to hang out with friends and family, working out and playing video games.